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Among the ancient stones found in the world amber stones are regarded as the best one which reflects the light beautiful more than anything. These sorts of stones are found in the mines of Domician islands as well as in some parts of Mexico. People from all parts of the world are eager to have those stones at their place and the company which does this job is DR fine jewels. This company use to extract these Amber stones form the mines and they use to take those in their workshop where the workers of this company use to give shape those products and the stones after getting a perfect shape are ready for sale.
Amber wholesale
This is the only amber wholesaler from the Domician region which offers a variety of collection that includes amber necklace, amber ear rings, amber pendant and some others too. If you never saw before then you cannot imagine about the beauty of that stone. This stone attracts not only females’ also male use to wear amber rings too. Among the amber stones blue amber is the rarest one which reflects blue rays when normal rays or sunlight falls on it. The amber stones are marked or identified by the reflection of light colour. The bright blue or green is the light which states that the amber stone is blue or green or yellow amber. This company secures the top spot and able to hold that for the last seven years due to the product quality and perfect design. So if you want some special stones then just go for the DR fine jewels.