Green amberAmber is a precious stone which is found in the Dominican cancian Republic and very popular stone in Europe. It is mainly used in jewelry as well as in medical purposes also. This stone is formed due to fossilization of tree resins. DR fine jewels are the only wholesaler of amber jewelry and they use to export to all countries in the world. Billions of years are required for formation of amber stone, in some stone, there are prints of insects and these are popular among customers. The reflection of light is just to watch on the amber stone is brilliant.

Amber stones are three types: Green amber stone, Blue amber stones, and yellow amber stone. On the site of DR Fine jewels, you will find amber jewelry which all are exclusively designed and some of the common ornaments are the amber necklace, amber pendants, amber earrings. The price range is affordable and reasonable.

The main techniques of identifying an amber stone are by reflection of light. Like Blue amber stone is recognized by bluish glow of the particular amber stone. On the other hand, Green amber stone is identified by the greenish glow of that amber stone and the yellowish glow indicates the yellow amber stone. Among these amber stones, blue and yellow amber stones are rarer compared to green amber stone. Among these stones, blue amber costs high compared to the others. The price of amber stone is depended upon the size and weight of the stone.

Amber beads are generally made by blue amber stones which offer glossier look and more reflection from the stone. The reflections of light on amber stones are magnificent. These stones are mainly used in making jewelry. This DR fine jewel offers more elegant and glamorous amber jewelry which can go well with any of fashionable wares. If you are yet to follow these fashion jewelry then not waste your time in thinking just go for it. Amber with insects is more popular than general amber stone. In Europe, this amber jewels has a high demand along with larimar jewels.

To purchase your preferable jewelry just go through the online web page of DR fine jewels where you can see the variety of designs and all are attractive. This will make you puzzled if you have only a few to buy. After selecting the items you can order them through online payments methods and this company will deliver the items to your doorstep. This company also offers to deliver their products outside Europe too.