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Amber is an ancient stone which is found in rare places in the world. It is kind of fossilized stone which is a result of the blending of tree resins to a solid rock or semi-solid rock. These stone is used in various applications apart from jewellery like in medical purposes, making perfumes and some other purposes too. It may contain fossilised animal parts as because they were together under the earth for long years. Some people prefers these types of stones which carries the prints of animals so these types of stones which has print of animals are used in necklaces, bracelets, rings and in other ornaments.
Print of some insects are also popular varies to every person. Amber stones are available in the mines of Dominican mountaineer zone. Amber stones are available in three colours, one is green, 2 nd one is greed and the last one is yellow amber. The company DR Fine jewels is the best manufacturer of amber jewellery which is a Dominican company which offers exclusive collection of designer amber jewels. They are the wholesaler of amber jewels. Though it is a domicia based company, but it uses to export all its products to rest of the world.
Amber with insects
Amber with insects has a large demand which can be found in green amber or blue amber too. Among the amber stones blue amber is highly available compare to the other forms of amber stones though amber is a rare stone. Green amber has a beautiful glow as because it is regarded as first grade amber stone. If light falls on it then one can see the magic of reflection of light through green amber stone. The cost of amber stone varies with size and shape of that particular stone. Green amber stone is also available in just $ 75 but the weight of that stone will surely be too light.
Blue amber also has a glow of light when light falls to it but green amber stone is exceptional. These blue types of amber stones are available from $ 680. Domician amber stones are perfect to match with any sort of attires and are available in reasonable prices with attractable designs by Dr Fine jewels.  There are plenty of items available to choose from their site, where you have to add the items to your cart followed by payment of bills like e shopping and then the company will deliver the purchased product to your address.
In Europe these types of stones has a high demand, one can see amber stone necklace, pendent, ear rings are wearing by women. Amber stone makes the person glamorous with its own glow.  So visit their site and buy your items to change your outlook.