Amber is popular jewellery in European region as well as all over the world. These amber stone are nothing but fossilised substances e.g. tree resins for long years which may contain some part of animals like insects print over it. Generally some billions of years require to the formation of amber stone, which is found in some particular areas of Domician region. These stones are glamorous which can reflect the light in unbelievable manner. Though amber stone is famous in course of jewellery but these stones are also used in medical science as well as in making perfumes. Amber stones are of three types which are as follow: Green amber stone, Blue amber stones and yellow amber stone. DR Fine jewels a Domician company is on top for marketing of amber jewels which offers exclusive collection of amber necklace, amber pendants, amber ear rings and lots more items within affordable ranges.

The Amber stones are available in green, yellow and in blueformat. Every amber stone is identified by its reflection of light. As for example the blue amber stone is characterised by bluish glow of that amber stone. All the amber stones are rare and that’s why it is so precious. Blue amber is costly compare to other sorts of amber stones. The designer blue amber is offered at $ 680 on the website of DR Fine jewels and the price increases with the increase in shape and weight of amber stone.  Amber beads are made by blue amber which expresses the glow of the stone, and when light passes through these stones it makes something unforgettable.

On the other hand green amber stone is the rarest amber stone but cheaper than blue amber. It also has a beautiful light reflection power which establishes these particular types of amber stone as first grade amber stone.  These stones are also used in making ornaments. This company makes the designer jewelleries which makes the stone more elegant, glamorous to fit in the body of a person as well as best fits with fashionable wares. Some people prefers insects amber stone which indicates that the stone will have a print of fossilised insect and this DR fine jewel company makes designs on these types of stones too.

The green amber price range starts from $ 75 on their site which tells that blue amber is costlier than green amber. On the other hand yellow amber is also rare, and mostly common amber stone is blue amber. The jewelleries offered by this company sometimes are available in lesser price as they offers a discount for a period of time in every year for stock clearance. To buy amber products just go through their site and select your item followed by online payment to get the product at your place.