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The Dominican Republic is a popular tourist destination of Caribbean Islands. It is well known for its golf courses and beautiful mountain ranges. However, the tourists who visit the place also take pride in owning its rare and stunningly beautiful jewel collection. That is true; the Dominican Republic is growing in fame – thanks to its underground treasure of preciously attractive Larimar rocks and rare Amber fossil rocks.
Dominican Amber
Dominican Amber stones are quite popular among jewelers of the US and Europe. Although they are precious and expensive, people are not much aware of these rare stones. Dominican amber is rare for its enchanting deep blue color. Amber stones are found in few different colors like yellow, brown, red and green. The most common stones are the ones that have a honey-like hue. It is the most ancient variety of Amber known to humankind.
Dominican amber
The fluorescent Amber found in the Dominican Republic is also quite attractive. They have a rich glowing green color which strangely resembles the oceans of Caribbean. Amber beads necklace made of this fluorescent stone is one of the specialties of this place. The stores in here offer a vast collection of beads necklace and Amber rings for women. Women are more passionate about amber compared to men.
Amber is a semi-precious stone and the natives believe that it has several mysterious powers. Many jewelry makers visit the place to buy raw amber fossils. There is a growing demand for genuine amber jewels made of rare colored stones. Not only they look enchantingly attractive, but also, these stones are believed to possess a healing effect on the body of the user. Scientific researchers also support such theories. It has been proved that such natural elements possess a unique degree of electromagnetic energy which is essential in rejuvenating a person’s mind and body.
Larimar jewelry
Larimar jewelry is made of bright blue Larimar stones mined in the Dominican Republic, the only place in the world where these stones are found. These are semi precious stones and are available in different grades and price ranges.
You might find great Larimar jewelry at your nearby jewelry shop. However, this can be a bit expensive depending on your location and the designer’s brand. You can also place orders with branded jewelry makers. Alternatively, you can buy Larimar stones from dealers of Dominican Republic. In here you will find high-quality stones at extremely low cost.
Most of the jewels made in Dominican Republic use silver as a main constituent. It is mixed with copper and other metals to form Sterling silver which has an attractive gold like tint.