Facts Figures And Features About Green Amber


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You should dress and accessorize yourself in a way that you can stand out, in the crowd. For that, you will not mind adopting a style that is cool, funky and fashionable. You may be in your casual attire, or in a formal fashion ensemble; the decision and choice are yours. But either way, you should know how to add to the grace and charm of your personality. You can increase the charm and enhance your mysterious aura by selecting unusual pieces of beads and gemstones.

A unique illustration

When it comes to filling your fashion wardrobes with unusual pieces of gemstones; the name which first comes to mind is green amberIf you are of the opinionyellow is the only option to come by; then, you are laboring under a wrong notion. You will come across a multiplicity, in color scheme and variation. The Dominican stones are mostly blue in color, but it is not uncommon to get hold of pieces that are red, cherry brown, and green.


Importance of heat treatment

You can use the green amber sold by the drfinesjewels.com to add a new dimension to your wardrobe. But before that, you should know how the gemstone undergoes the thermal treatment procedure. The procedure which makes use of heat waves seeks to enhance the stone’s natural color. The measure is also useful in enhancing the clarity of the gemstone. Dominican stones which are red or blue in color don’t lose their respective shade while undergoing heat treatment. The same can be said about the stones colored in cherry, yellow or green.

The heat treatment adds to the intensity of the color scheme. While buying this special variety of gemstone, you should check how intense the color scheme is. You should also find out if an artificial coating has been added. Do remember that there is a fine line of difference between color intensity and the use of artificial color coat. The heat treatment is a part of the manufacturing process, and with this, the sales outlet adds to the intensity of the color tone.

Don’t pick artificially colored pieces

The natural color of the gemstone is unlikely to fade out. The thermal treatment undertaken ensures that the color scheme remains as it is, over years’ time, even after incessant use. But if you come across a piece with an artificial color coat; then, you should think twice before buying that piece. The artificial covering tends to wear out. Before getting these gemstones ready for the market, the manufacturing outlet also sees if the stones have cracks. Cracks including the other irregularities may develop during the process of excavation. With the help of filling, it is possible to do away with these issues and irregularities.


You can get the stone melted

You can get the gemstone to suit the exact size of jewelry that you are interested in. That’s because it is possible to melt the amber chunks and give it the exact shape that the user wants. Solid pieces that are available in chunks are more expensive than the pressed pieces of the gem stone which have undergone the process of melting.

Know The Reasons For Buying Dominican amber


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You are on the search out for a gemstone which looks good and at the same time influences your mood, in a positive way. It is all but natural for people to look, as well as, feel good. Gemstones may contribute to your beauty quotients and style statement, but not all of them are therapeutically effective. But you have heard from your friends and read online review how certain stones are effective in lifting up your tired and torn spirits.

Helps you with facts and information

Now it is the time to take the plunge and purchase Dominican amber from the drifines jewels. com.  If you are not unsure about how to make your choice, then, the sales outlet can guide you through the process. Right from learning how to pick and choose a genuine, quality-assured gemstone to finding the right piece that matches your dress; you will learn to take an informed decision. You will also come to know the diversity that is there in the color scheme and the gemstone types.


Rare and exclusive

The multiplicity and the startling variety are likely to confuse any buyer.  You are likely to be confused, as well, but since the online store makes it a point to build your perspective about the Dominican amber; you need no longer stay in a state of confusion. The latter variety is not only exotic but also rare to find. So, while shopping, you won’t mind including the piece that hails from the Dominican Republic in your jewelry cupboard.

A sought-after stone

You will also like to know that this special variety of gemstone is more popular than those which are excavated from the Baltic regions. The next question that you will like to ask is what is so special about this variety. First, the fossilized content of these gemstones makes them stand out in the marketplace. Secondly, the stones’ soft texture makes a difference; the jewelers can make use of this soft terse and texture to custom-make a wide variety of designer jewelry.

Dominican amber

Adds to the style quotients

The presence of insect fossils enhances the look and luster of the gemstone. Just think of wearing a pendant that has insect embedded inside it. The fossilized remain will go a long way towards uplifting the graciousness of the pendant chain. With that, you can also uphold the mystery and grace of your personality. Just compare the proposition to wearing a simple gold chain pendant, without the fossilized resin. If you compare both, you will realize why the former is classier and more sophisticated than the later. You can translate the mystery, grace, and quirkiness of the latter into your own unique style statement.

Enlivens your mood

The gemstone of the mentioned variety not only adds a touch or two to your fashion statement but also plays a part in balancing your mood. Your mind becomes cooler than what it was before. It also touches up the spiritual aspects of your personality, helping you to be in control and take stock of your inner self. Then, you already know how the soft texture of the gemstone can be used to come up with a wide variety of innovations. So, now you need not be in two minds about buying this awesome, exclusive and rare variety of gemstone.


Green Amber: Beautiful Natural Stone from DRfine Jewels


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A unique property of natural resin is that it produces an electric charge when a piece of this gemstone is rubbed with a soft piece of cloth. This feature is usually not noticed in the case of other precious gems. Though this gem is always considered as a precious stone, this is not a mineral or stone at all. This is, in fact, a tree resin which has fossilized over the years. At Dr Fine Jewels, green translucent beads on jewelry are available. These gemstones are unique, and it can dazzle your eyes when placed against gold or silver sets.

Green amber

Natural essence

Green amber has a fragrance of its own and you can visit DRfine Jewels to know more about them. They release a natural essence which is pleasing to all. Sometimes traders try to enhance the smell by adding nitric acid to the melted material. This type of jewelry in this store is a beautiful addition to any woman’s accessory.

Source of this color

The stunning green amber color is obtained through its exposure in a damp environment among decayed organic matter over an extended period. This is a highly desirable product. If you take the case of Baltic type, jewelers expose the surface to heat and oxygen. This leads to stone clarification and improvement in the color of this gemstone. This type of treatment is common with all kinds of precious stones not just amber.

Green amber

Green does not indicate fake color

People think of red or golden colored stones whenever amber comes into mind. Many people believe that when it is available in different color variations, they are fake.  But that is not always true.  Not all colored translucent beads are made of plastic materials or glass. In reality, resin in its natural form is also available in light or dark colors. The Baltic amber is one such example.

Green amber

Greener variations

During the process of fossilization, some leaves are trapped in that resin. These leaves give the pigmentation before that is being fossilized. The clearer variations are usually obtained from the oceans. They have a clear image because the ocean waves have cleared away all the imperfections. This makes them have a smoother surface. The mined varieties have to be run through machines to get that smooth finish.

Green amber

Healing powers

Apart from jewelry making, natural resin has healing powers also. All natural amber release succinic acid. When you wear jewelry made of amber, this acid is released, and it gets absorbed by the skin. This has a soothing effect on the body. The wearer feels relaxed and calm.

Soothing effect of the gem

Shop unique items made from this natural stone. It is used on earrings, bracelets, wristlets and necklaces. Some women wear on anklets also. It is very popular among the amber enthusiasts. The price of these types of natural jewelry depends on how dark the shade of the green is in the stone. Yellow-green color is cheaper compared to deeper green. Throughout history, some people have believed that this color of the gemstone is capable of bringing good luck.

Larimar stone of Drfinejewels could be so much beneficial for your health

We are the biggest amber wholesaler company in The Dominican republic. We own the finest and biggest amber exhibition gallery in the country and part of the land where the best blue amber grade can be extracted from. We have been servicing companies for over 7 years providing only the best top quality stones and the rarest blue amber (Museum blue amber) in the whole world.

Amber Stones: DRfine Jewels Is The Best To Find That


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Fossilized tree resin is one of the world’s oldest gems. It belongs to a category of organic gems. It is a natural product. It is a resin obtained from living trees in dense forests and which have fossilized over millions and millions of years. It acts as a protective stone for children. It may be worn as a necklace, bracelet or placed in their vicinity to protect them any grave situation.

Amber stones

Areas where fossilized tree resin is found

Many varieties of amber stones are available at DRfine Jewels. Out of many kinds, a sizeable amount is the Baltic amber or succinite, which got its name because of high concentration of succinic acid. This natural resin from the Tertiary Age is found in large quantities in and around the coast of Baltic Sea. The areas of Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, and Poland have rich deposits. Advanced industrial techniques have paved the way for smoother extraction of this stone.

Different colors

You may want to know the color of amber stones. There is not a single word answer to that question. This natural gemstone comes in various shades of color. So far around seven colors and two hundred fifty shades of this stone are identified. They range from yellow to orange. Certain types of green and blue color are also there. They fall in the rare category of gemstones. All these colors available are used in making jewelry.

There are different types of translucent beads.

Amber stones

Baltic amber

The most common type found along the shores of Baltic Sea is the Baltic amber.

Black amber

Another name for this type is Oltu stone. It is found in parts of Eastern Turkey.

Burmese amber

Another name for this type is burmite. It is mainly located in the area of Myanmar.

Dominican amber

There is a higher rate of fossils presence than Baltic fossilized tree resin. A rare variation is a blue variant discovered in this region.

Amber stones

Mexican tree resin

This type of natural resin is mainly found in Chiapas in Mexico. This was produced by the extinct Hymenaea Mexicana tree. This is related to the Hymenaea proper tree which is responsible for producing Dominican amber.

Sri Lankan tree resin

This is found in a slight quantity along the sea coast of India.

Factors influencing color difference

Two different factors affect this stone’s color. The first factor is the inclusion of bubbles in the rock. They block the light that enters the stone. This variation in lighting causes the differences in colors.  The second factor is the source of the tree for the resin. Some colors are found in individual trees, and that accounts for the color difference. The color of this gemstone can be altered by applying heat.

Amber stones

Shopping around

Shop for translucent beads online or at jewelry stores in the neighborhood. When you are thinking of purchasing natural resin, look out for the stores who supply top quality Dominican gemstones. See if they are involved in direct selling, then they should be able to provide at reasonable prices. Ensure that they have a dedicated group of skilled personnel so that they can provide guidance if needed.

Larimar stone of Drfinejewels could be so much beneficial for your health

 Larimar stone
We are the biggest amber wholesaler company in The Dominican republic. We own the finest and biggest amber exhibition gallery in the country and part of the land where the best blue amber grade can be extracted from. We have been servicing companies for over 7 years providing only the best top quality stones and the rarest blue amber (Museum blue amber) in the whole world.

Get Original Dominican Blue Amber Beads At Drfinejewels


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Blue is the rarest color of amber found in very limited quantities in some regions of the world. It is hence precious to whoever who owns it and available for very high prices. Besides the magnificent look that the blue colored ‘stone’ possesses, it has some very beneficial healing powers. The Dominican variety is more valuable. For this reason, people tend to seek the blue variety first, if they can afford its price. Also, people of today’s generation prefer a more trendy form of whatever jewelry they wear. So they look for them more exotic looking forms of the blue variety. One of these is the blue beads that can complement any look in a very nice way.
Dominican blue amber beads
The healing benefits
The blue variety has a good quantity of the characteristic component of ambers, succinic acid. Succinic acid makes a calm and soothing effect on the body and controls anybody excitement. Blue beads are thus used widely for very young children. They tend to get excited or are discomforted due to many unfound reasons. These calm them up and bring a smile to their face. Other than this the blue variety is also a good analgesic and can be used in curing many kinds of pain. It is also helpful in strengthening your body immunity. Thus blue ones are very effective jewelry material.
Used In many Kinds and Forms of jewelry
Another great advantage with these is that these can be used in many forms and kinds of jewelry. This includes gold silver or even platinum jewelry. In the case of gold jewelry, the shade of gold has to be a lighter or a more subdued shade. Blue bead necklaces are any woman’s dream since they contain any of these extremely rare ‘jewels.’ Platinum chains with those stunning blue pieces make one of the most exquisite jewelry forms. Other than chains, blue ones can be used in bracelets and broaches. You can find such beautiful Dominican blue amber beads at drfinejewels for attractive prices.
Dominican blue amber beads
Religious and Spiritual Significance
They also have a religious significance as they are used during religious prayers. It is believed that they help people to concentrate more on their prayers, and connect with the divine on another level. It is considered by many as a sign of tenderness and divine beauty. Since early times, this variety was popularly used by priests during religious rites and rituals. The spiritual relief and mental calmness achieved with such a jewelry item are some reasons for their huge popularity. The Dominican Blue amber beads also help to control your nervous excitements and hence bring stability in your da-today approach to life.
These pieces enhance the beauty of any jewelry
Thus these pieces are excellent choices for jewelry which will have an overall beneficial effect on the body. These are very rare and so need to be verified before buying. Always choose a trusted jewelry store for such a valuable item, as you are less prone to being deceived. The brilliant shade of blue enhances the beauty of any jewelry manifold. So if you are planning to buy some exquisite jewelry for yourself, go ahead and choose one which has the beautiful blue pieces in it.


Larimar Stone Of Drfinejewels Could Be So Much Beneficial For Your Health


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There are various gem stones available in the market, which look attractive and have great healing powers too. Most of these stones are artificially made, through rigorous processes in the industries. For this reason, they are more prone to having side-effects. So many people are now going for the natural way of looking better as well as staying fit and healthy. Larimar is such a stone that is increasingly used in making jewelry with healing abilities. It is a particular variety of a silicate mineral called pectolite. Along with the spectacular blue hue, it has some very effective healing powers which will make you live a better life.
Larimar Stone
Makes you More Calm and Composed
The greatest property of the larimar stone is that it is associated with calmness and peace. It helps to soothe mental excitements arising due to any possible reason. It is said that the ancient powers of Atlantis and the healing capabilities of dolphins are endowed in the stone. It creates a harmony between our body and the soul, which is often lacking in the stress-filled lifestyle nowadays. This stone has a very soothing appearance. The turquoise blue hue, along with the streaks of white through the middle, makes it look like sunlight beneath the Caribbean ocean waters. You can get a wide range of such authentic forms of Larimer stones at define jewels.
Cures many kinds of illnesses
It is also very useful in rerating several physical illnesses. This substance has an excellent property of treating constricted blood veins or muscle joints. It is also very useful in treating defective cartilage or throat problems. Blockages in the neck or head can also be treated with the help of larimar. It also helps to reduce increased body temperatures and is thus very useful in case of a high fever. Age-related disorders such as blood pressure, and other stress-associated disorders, can also be cured by it. So it is a natural boon to humans for improving our health conditions.
Larimar Stone
Break the barriers and progress forward
This stone with exceptional properties also has another divine usefulness. It is found that this stone helps to break the limitations that a person has created for himself. Thus larimar stone of Drfinejewelsis an extraordinary helper in liberating the mind from such destructive constraints. This way you acquire a confidence that you can achieve everything and learn to exercise proper control in your life. It would be extremely useful for any person who has lost faith in himself and is strayed from the right path. After you get a ring with this stone for yourself, you thus gain the power to perform, to give your best in achieving your goals.
Ensure Your All-around Development with This Stone
Thus this stone can be your ideal companion to having a stable, controlled and successful life. You feel fit both mentally and physically. Very few stones possess such multifaceted powers as this one. It is found that it can also increase your concentration level during meditation. Thus you achieve new heights of harmonization between the body and your soul. Go ahead and find a suitable one for yourself. You will have a life changing experience, with every problematic issue resolving steadily.
Larimar Stone

Use Dominican Blue Amber Of Drfinejewels To Boost Your Natural Beauty

The blue shade of amber is the rarest variety of all the colors available. At the same time, it is an absolute piece of wonder, as the particular shade gives it an exotic look. These are mostly found on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic. The little that is found is used in making exquisite pieces of jewelry bound to enhance the wearer’s beauty. This shade that makes this variety so special is actually due to the coloration of the hydrocarbons present in this glowing stone. There are some ways in which you can use this variety to boost your look while you keep it natural.


This Variety gives an esthetically strong look

The shade that it possesses after its coloration can be considered almost unique. This particular shade makes it acquire an esthetical value. This shade also makes it artistically valuable, for which it is used in making off-the-track jewelry. So it can be used to enhance your beauty and can give your deck up a unique look. You just have to match the Dominican blue amber with the right dress to make a great fashion statement. Choose a dress with the color that goes well with that particular luminescent shade. It can be milky white attire or a sea-green one.

Ensure that you craft it well

Every gemstone should be used in the right way to make the jewelry look good. With this shade, you have to be extra cautious. A wrong crafting might lead to an unfortunate fashion blunder. So use the exquisite piece of natural art sensibly to enhance your appeal. For instance, it will be a wise choice to use a silver chain with a pendant made of that stone rather than a silver beaded string. It can also be paired up with a subdued shade of gold. Or else, if you have the sufficient budget, you can use it over a band of platinum. There are several chains available in Drfinejewels to pair up with Dominican blue amber.


Give yourself a unique look

You can get a look that is unique in its appeal. The shade itself is unique and extremely rare. It is very difficult to find an authentic piece. This difficulty is increasing with each passing day since more fake ones are being sold as the authentic stone. An interesting fact that will surprise you is that the quantity of pure variety extracted annually is a hundred kilograms while that of the poor variety is about eight hundred grams. You can thus very well understand the extent of the rarity. Thus use it if you get hold of one, to have a unique look.

You Will Feel Good Too

The last but perhaps the best benefit that you will get along with that exquisite beauty is the feel-good factor. It energizes your body, and you feel much stronger than before. The blue variety is endowed with greatly efficient healing powers. In earlier times it was used as a therapeutic cure. Along with looking beautiful, you are thus able to feel much better and more active than ever before. So if you are lucky enough to find this variety and have the adequate budget, purchase one for yourself.

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Choose The Best Amber For Sale From Drfinejewels.


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For those who love to wear jewelry other than the usual silver or gold jewelry, an amber is a good option. The texture, that characteristic glow, and a subdued shine make it very appealing to all. Moreover, it is completely natural, made by the hardening of fossilized resin. It gives a sophisticated look whenever you wear such jewelry. Also, you can find different shapes and hues, which look equally beautiful. So while choosing the right one for yourself or as a gift to somebody, make sure you have certain things in mind.

The Color It possesses

Its color is the most important factor. The more intense the color, the better is the jewelry made from it. Also, there are quite a few shades of amber to choose from. There is yellow, red and green mainly. The blue shade is extremely rare to be found. In jewelry, yellow is considered to be the richest color. The ideal shades are the medium and highly dark ones. The red variety is also valuable in jewelry.

The Clarity in the texture

The texture of the amber for sale might be such that it has a translucent appearance. The varieties that are unclear or entirely opaque are not ideal ones for jewelry making. So be careful to notice the clarity of the stone in a jewelry item. This ‘stone’ is found in several regions of the world. The variety hailing from the Dominican Republic is found to have a greater clarity than hailing from other regions.

An Adequate Number of Choices

 There are also some things which you must know to find the one that will be suitable for you. For that, firstly, you must find a huge range to choose from. Also, the jewelry shop from where you have decided to buy it must have a sufficient collection. It shouldn’t be that you find only a few varieties to choose from. This way you are also ensured that you don’t have to run to many shops to find your ideal choice.

Keep in mind your budget

The budget is also important while you choose the right one for yourself. They come with a varied range of prices. You can find quite affordable ones as well as very expensive ones. So you should have a clear idea of what your budget is. The more exquisitely ones will obviously be priced higher than the others. There is a huge range of amber for sale available in Drfinejewels, with a varied no of styles and designs.

Go on and buy the suitable one

These are the points that would help you to make a better choice of an authentic specimen. There are loads of choices available for everything nowadays. So some guidelines about the type of product you are buying always help you to make a good choice. Follow this advice and proceed to buy the right ring or necklace or any other such jewelry item for yourself. These types of jewelry can also act as great gifts.

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